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22 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Quick advance of wheat marketing in Argentina
More than half the estimated production in Argentina has already been bought by millers and exporters, deliveries committed for Rosario’s port hub from December 2017 to February 2018 are already 1.2 million ton above last year’s, while total exports for our country are projected 5 million tons above last 5 year’s average. Marketing for 2017/18 Argentinian wheat is advancing at full speed.

22 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Wheat, with record yields. How did it impact on quality?
The 2017/2018 wheat season showed record yields and began with excellent quality results. The first grains to reach the market are those from the north of Argentina, historically characterized by good protein levels. However, as yields increased in the core region, some quality parameters weakened. In net terms, the attributes of average quality of the samples that entered the Rosario Board of Trade’s laboratory have been below that those obtained for the same date last year, although this attributes still meets the requirements of the demand.

22 ene 2018 | Business
Argentina moves forward to financial inclusion
Financial inclusion, a multidimensional concept that refers to the incorporation of individuals who do not participate in the formal financial system and to the extension of the use of the services it offers, has the potential for economic growth and to reduce inequalities. The development of a strategy to achieve it seeks to strengthen our country's commitment to the issue.

22 ene 2018 | Crop Progress and Condition Reports
Rains Improved Crop Conditions
This week the drought areas decreased and the condition of the early crops in the region improved. Weekly rains varied between 10 and 110 mm. The sectors less favored by the rains are in the north of Buenos Aires.

22 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Soybeans and Corn Worried about “La Niña”
"La Niña" intensified and will remain in our country for the rest of the campaign, increasing the likelihood of drought and lower yields for soybeans and corn. Brazil is also affected, with more than 50% of both crops growing in dry conditions. Chicago prices reacted with rises in the week, although competition from Brazilian exports for US deliveries limits the profit.

16 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
An expectant wheat market showed less dynamism
The week in the local market was marked by caution. A decrease in the number of active buyers in the pit, which remained expectant on the eve of a new monthly report of supply and demand of the USDA, reduced the operated volume and kept the prices stable.

16 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Corn trucks deliveries to Gran Rosario hub hit a record in 2017
In 2017, about 623,000 trucks delivered corn to the port terminals located between Arroyo Seco and Timbúes, in what is known as the region of Up River del Paraná. This is the the largest volume in at least fifteen years on record. In total, 1.9 million tons of different grains arrived by truck to this region. In this total, the share of wheat cargoes increased while the soybeans decreased.

16 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Corn is Thirsty
Drought has hurt our country's corn crops, dropping the estimated production for the current season. Meanwhile, export demand is incredibly high. From a more global perspective, the United States and Brazil have are having a huge supply of this cereal, weakening prices in the international market.

16 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Soybean in Argentina fears drought
Expected supply of soybean for the new marketing year in Argentina falls together with the lack of rain. Last Thursday, prices at Rosario Spot Market remained above $ 5,050 / t, 3% higher than the previous week.

15 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Argentina: fourth world exporter of wheat flour
Recently finished 2016/2017 campaign, which closed in November, revealed very encouraging figures for wheat flour in Argentina. The country not only showed an increase in the milling of the cereal, which was above the average of the last 5 years, but also reached a superb level of external sales, which allowed it to position as the fourth exporter of this product worldwide.

15 ene 2018 | Crop Progress and Condition Reports
Rains needed to maintain yields
The reserves begin to limit. Corn needs water to increase the weight of their grains. Most of the plots of soybean in a few days begin to bear fruit. If there are no major rains, the yields will drop.

09 ene 2018
Puerto Cáceres (Brazil) - Gran Rosario waterway: A remarkable port infrastructure
The Paraguay-Paraná Waterway is one of the largest navigable waterways of the planet: 3442 km. from Puerto Cáceres (Brazil) to Nueva Palmira (Uruguay). It groups Paraguay, Paraná and Uruguay rivers. It influences an area of 720,000 km2 an indirect area of 3,500,000 km2 and a population of more than 40 million inhabitants. It is one of the most significant transport routes for the achievement of the physical and economic integration of Mercosur.

09 ene 2018
Broker-Dealers ('Agents') standards in Argentina: Coming changes
The resolution sanctioned on December 26 of 2017 by the National Securities Commission brings significant changes in relation to certain categories of agents. Today its text is under public consultation under the procedure of "Participatory Elaboration of Rules" for those interested who consider it appropriate to make modifications, until February 1 of 2018.

08 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Export interest supports wheat prices in Argentina
Wheat values in the local market remained around ARS 3,000 / ton while the export sector tries to ensure stocks. Following this, the export sector would shipped a record volume of wheat in December.

08 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Local soybean prices soar in 2018
Despite the lower CBOT prices at Thursday, soybean local prices peaked reaching 4.900 ARS per ton after the December 22 lows at the Rosario Board of Trade trading floor. Better prices resulted for the local bean with the beginning of the gradual reduction of export taxes. The increased prices improved the traded volume at the cash market.

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